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Interns of 4th Dymension received computers sponsored by MCWEL, business man John Osborne Jr and Camille Archer

4th Dymension Interns Receive Computers

Tyrese Herdsman with Jhovan Daniel of 4th Dymension.

Four interns, who work with the young tech startup 4th Dymension, received computers on Saturday to assist them with developing programmes and games.
Two computers were loaned from the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour, one was donated by businessman John Osborne Jr, and another from former MSS science teacher Camille Archer. 4th Dymension business advisor Dr Samuel Joseph, sourced the sponsors and handled the shipping and customs duties.
In the summer, 4th Dymension hosted a three-week summer camp from which they invited six of the students to take on an internship with them. The students meet each Saturday for a two-hour workshop. On Tuesdays, they also participate in a graphics design class and the programmers also take part in a Thursday session after school at MSS, led by 4th Dymension.

Akyla Davis receives a computer donated by former MSS teacher Camille Archer from Dr Samuel Joseph.

Jhovan Daniel of 4th Dymension said the new computers took away the final barrier that some of the interns had to be able to complete assigned tasks. He extended his appreciation to Ms Loni Howe, who represented MCWEL at the handover ceremony, and Dr Joseph for his invaluable advice and financial support.

Daniel hopes that interested companies or individuals who be willing to sponsor the cost of two more computers, at about $3700 XCD landed. This will enable all of the interns to have their own device. They are also in need of an Android phone to test their augmented reality programme on.

The 4th Dymension interns are Tyrese Herdsman (17), Albert Peters (17), Akyla Davis (16), Joshua Golden (15), Junika Morris (13), and Rosanna Rasool (13).

Joseph said the interns all have immense potential and the public will be able to see some of their at the upcoming National ICT Week exhibition at the end of November.

4th Dymension is a team of young men who designed Montserrat’s only virtual reality experience of Plymouth pre-volcano.

Interns of 4th Dymension received computers sponsored by MCWEL, business man John Osborne Jr and Camille Archer