Young Entrepreneur Week to Focus on Empowerment by Economic Development

The Youth and Sports Development Programme and the Young Entrepreneur Association of Montserrat will be hosting “Young Entrepreneur Week 2018”. Programming will run from November 18th to 24th on island.

According to a release from the programme, “this week seeks to highlight the contributions of Young Entrepreneur to the economy of Montserrat whilst creating opportunities for education, social engagement, philanthropy work and advocacy. Montserrat host 120+ young entrepreneurs working in a variety of industries to include technology, food services, construction, the arts with many operating sole trader businesses.”

“Young Entrepreneurs are making an impact in the current economy and will continue to make strives to evolve the private sector in Montserrat to meet future needs. This week will address barriers to success, create community, provide information for business success and opportunities for paradigm shifting. Above all else, it’s an appreciation difficult work and encouragement to keep going,” said Coordinator of the Youth and Sports Development Programme, Lyston Skerritt.

Youth entrepreneurship is a direct intervention to address youth unemployment, criminal activity and gaps in public sector advancement and satisfaction. Contributions impact the economy by investing in products and services needed by communities, providing additional employment opportunities, integrating commerce for regional development and promote efficiency through technology and ICT.

“Empowering our young entrepreneurs is our investment in our island. An investment that will keep on giving back to itself,” added Delon Searles, President of the Young Entrepreneur Association.

The weeks activities include a Social at “Buss a Lime” on November 18th, school visits to encourage entrepreneurship on November 19th, the launch of the i2L Pitch competition, a workshop on the new Company’s Act and the Annual General Meeting of the Young Entrepreneur Association.

For more information about the week of activities, contact the Youth and Sports Development office at (664) 495-2601. Special effort will be made to contact as many Young Entrepreneurs as possible but all are invited to the open events and programmes.