Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan Now Online

The final version of the Economic Growth Strategy and Delivery Plan for Montserrat has been made available online by the Government of Montserrat.
The government developed the Economic Growth Strategy (EGS) 2018-
2022, which will act as the guide for public investment over the next several years; with the goal of the eventual re-balancing of the economy from public sector driven to private sector led. It seeks to accomplish this by analysing the potential of key sectors that have been identified as the most economically viable with the ultimate goal of long-term sustainability, says a release from the Government Information Unit.
The EGS ensures that actions are tied to these goals by clearly outlining a delivery plan which details the responsible agencies and time-frames for accomplishing tasks geared towards achieving economic milestones. The strategic focus of the EGS is expected to go beyond 2022 as it will dovetail into the development of the new Sustainable Development Plan (2021).
The EGS & Delivery Plan is available is available in the publications section
of the Government of Montserrat website at You can also read it here —>