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Miss Montserrat and the new Calypso Monarch Garnett "Sylk" Thompson

Garnett “Sylk” Thompson Wins Second Montserrat Calypso Crown

New Calypso Monarch Garnett “Sylk” Thompson

On the morning of the 2018 Montserrat Calypso Monarch finals, Garnett “Sylk” Thompson’s voice was missing. He woke up hoarse, with a “bad cold” – a condition that doesn’t bode well for a performer whose rendition is central to his success.

But his mom came to the rescue. She boiled a concoction of garlic, ginger and honey, and by the evening Sylk’s voice was silky again. Just in time for the show.

Sylk rendered two solid songs penned by his longtime writer, Hon. Paul Lewis, and walked away with his second calypso monarch title and the E.C. $15,250 first prize. Sylk’s winning songs were “Trade War” and “All Hands On Deck.”

“I told Paul I didn’t want to do any songs about politics this year,” Sylk told Radio Montserrat’s Basil Chambers during an interview. “The competition this year was tight. Red Ride came out punching. Rakatang came out hard as well.”

First-runner up was Edwin “Red Ride” Martin, who returned to the arena for the first time since 2009. He sang “Paging Dr. Sammy” and “My Calypso.” Davon “Rakatang” Williams was second runner-up.
Kenneth “Rabo” Silcott, vying to defend his crown, finished fourth, followed by Steve “Iceman” Weekes, Kelvin “Tabu” Duberry, Maxcine Lee – the only female in the finals – Herman “Cupid” Francis, Stevel “Mighty Soca” Rodney and Baptiste Wallace.

Sylk, who finished first-runner up to Rabo in 2017, won his first calypso title in 2011 with “Changing World” and “Never Give Up.” He first reached the calypso finals in 2001 as a 16-year-old.

10. Baptiste Wallace, $1,000
9. Stevel “Mighty Soca” Rodney, $2,000
8. Herman “Cupid” Francis, $2,500
7. Maxcine Lee, $3,000
6. Kelvin “Tabu” Duberry, $3,500
5. Steve “Iceman” Weekes, $4,000
4. Kenneth “Rabo” Silcott, $5,500
3. Davon “Rakatang” Williams, $7,000
2. Edwin “Red Ride” Martin, $10,000
1. Garnett “Sylk” Thompson, $15,250

Red Ride receives his trophy for best social commentary from new Miss Montserrat Vanice Tuitt.

Best Social Commentary: “My Calypso” by Red Ride
Most Creative Song: “Marie Marry Me” by I-Cultural
Best promotional Song: “All Hands on Deck” by Sylk
Funniest Song: “Don’t Like Bully” by Chipsa
Best Health Song: “Check Your Health” by Cupid
Best Environmental Song: “Agriculture” by Yogi Laser
Most Improved: Stevel “Mighty Soca” Rodney
Best Newcomer: Luvelle “Kemona” Albert
William “Ruler” Murrain Crowd Favorite: Mighty Soca

Jumpy Soca Monarch: Jeffrey Woo & Nyne “Dem Want Lash”
Groovy Soca Monarch: Trevon Pollard
Festival Queen: Vanice Tuitt
Teen Pageant: Serena Laird
Regional Women’s Calypso: Thalia “Princess Thalia” King – “Poor Man’s Piano” and “A Cry For Calypso”
Road March: Jeffrey Woo & Nyne “Dem Want Lash”