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Six Must Dos for St. Patrick’s Festival on Montserrat

St. Patrick’s Festival on Montserrat runs from March 8 to the 18th, 2019. To enjoy it to the full there are lots of things you should do and over the coming weeks we will be sharing our best tips for making the most of your time on island.

Here we go with the first six.

Book your ferry ride online. Montserrat’s seas can be unpredictable and often in March they can be rough. What booking online in advance does, is provides the Access Division better numbers of how many people are coming. There are times when charter flights are needed and this helps them prepare. In case, your flight is late as well, if the numbers are large enough they may also choose to delay the departure of the ferry so you won’t have to overnight in Antigua. It is EC$300 plus departure tax for the round trip fare. Book online at

Get An Outfit for Old School Ball. These men and women come out dressed to the nines to dance the night away for a good cause. You don’t want to be caught slipping. Select some proper dancing shoes and come to enjoy hours of entertainment. Funds raise go to the Meals and Wheels Charity which provides thousands of warm meals annually for seniors and the indigent.

Wear the National Colors. You will see the national dress worn at the National Church Service on March 10 and at other events throughout the festival. Even if you aren’t down with all of that madras, make sure you’ve got these colors in your wardrobe. Something white, something green, and something gold/orange.

Everything is better with saltfish. Dukna, green banana, breadfruit 🙂

Come Hungry for the Slave Feast. This year the Slave Feast and the St. Patrick’s Festival Parade happen on Monday, March 18 starting at noon. With so much great food on the grounds, you will want to come prepared to sample as many as possible. Traditional dishes such as ducana, goat water, conchs water will be on sale. You will have your choice of sweet treats too and drinks made from local fruits. Trust us, your tummy will thank you.

Bring Extra SD cards and Batteries. There is nothing more tragic than to run out of battery or memory in the middle of the action. You will not want to miss the sights and sounds of St. Patrick’s Festival. Be prepared.

Tag DiscoverMNI on social. We want to see you have a good time and we want to show the world how amazing our St. Patrick’s Festival is. Please tag us in your photos on Instagram and Facebook and even on Twitter. If you don’t already follow us online, you can find us at @discovermni on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use any or all of the following: #discovermni #discovermontserrat #stpatricksfestival #greenweek2019

See you in March at the St. Patrick’s Festival. Here’s a link to the full schedule. It will be updated as the committee shares the details.