Montserratian in Iceland for Geothermal Training

Kenaud Ryan, Renewable Energy Special Adviser

Renewable Energy and Special Projects Advisor for Montserrat Utilities Ltd. Kenaud Ryan has begun a six-month course on geothermal energy in Iceland.

The Geothermal Training Programme of the United Nations University (UNU-GTP) is a postgraduate training programme, aimed at assisting developing countries in capacity building within geothermal exploration and development. The programme consists of training for practicing professionals from developing and transitional countries with significant geothermal potential. Priority is given to countries where geothermal development is under way, in order to maximize technology transfer.

The programme has operated in Iceland since 1979. It is a cooperation between the United Nations University and the Government of Iceland and is hosted by the National Energy Authority (Orkustofnun).

Ryan, who had been eyeing the programme for some time, was nominated by Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Communications Beverley Mendes and Kendall Lee, General Manager at MUL.

The UNU-GTP was established in the shadow of the oil crisis, when nations were looking for new and renewable energy sources in order to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons, in particular oil with its rapidly escalating prices. The current situation is somewhat similar in the sense that the international community is looking towards renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels in order to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Montserrat began geothermal exploration in 2009. Since then two wells were dug successfully and a third collapsed before it was able to be tested. The Department for International Development (DFID) was the main funder for the exploration, while the Iceland Drilling Company executed the drilling works.

The course, which includes lectures, practicals and excursions, ends in October.

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