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No CXC Resits

The Registrar of The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC®) last week released a statement regarding exam breach investigations.

This followed weeks of speculation and a campaign for students across the region to retake the Mathematics paper after some students in Trinidad & Tobago posted video to Facebook from the testing centre.

“After receiving written reports, examining other material and following due diligence it appears that there was no breach of examination papers before or during the time of the examinations to this date. However, it is clear that there was lapse supervision in some examination centres. That has been addressed.

“Any irregularities in any centre will be addressed as is done after every examination.

“As such there will be no re-sit of any CXC® examination which has already been taken.

“The Registrar wishes to give the assurance that the principle of fairness will be paramount in our dealings with these unfortunate incidents,” the statement read.