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Montserrat Public Library Hosts Ocean Discovery For Children

Children aged seven to 11 can learn about the ocean while doing fun activities with their peers this coming Saturday, June 22, 2019 at the Montserrat Public Library.
Ocean Discovery was launched on World Ocean Day, Saturday June 8 with the help of Imani Golden, a member of Ocean Leaders, a local ocean conservation group. Golden is one of three Ocean Leaders who will be attending Ocean Heroes Camp in Vancouver, British Columbia at the end of the month.

From 10:30AM to noon children can get help to find books in the library with information on the ocean. They will also play games and participate in other activities to test their knowledge.

Sonja Smith, the librarian said “there is an increased interest in the ocean and how important it is to our lives. This is one way we at the public library thought to support the continued education of our children to understand more about the ocean and why we must all work to care for it.”

Parents are encouraged to pick up their children by 12:15PM. They are also welcome to join the activities at the library in Brades.