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Woodwork by Andy Sinclair

Brades Nursery Wins Dr Sheron Burns Development Award

Brades Nursery School has been recognised for its work with young minds during the academic year September 2018 to June 2019.
Dr. Sheron Burns, an early childhood specialist and educator at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus annually presents the award to the school that in her opinion best exhibited the qualities of a culturally and developmentally appropriate learning experience for young children.
Her conclusion, she said “was a result of feedback and information gathered from a wide variety of stakeholders through a variety of sources including emails, WhatsApp, telephone conversations, news items, the exhibition and Facebook posts.”
Woodwork by Andy Sinclair

Credit was noted if:

  • practitioners exhibited care towards the children;

  • practitioners appeared knowledgeable and were continuously seeking out knowledge about developmentally appropriate practice and strategies;
  • the physical environment appeared safe, fun and inviting;
  • there was continuous collaboration with all stakeholders including parents and members of the community

    • LitFest Book parade

    • National Festival (Christmas & St Patrick’s) Masquerade
    • TiVan award / Teacher Cassandra

The winning school received a carved chair created by Andy Sinclair of Judy Piece.

Congratulations to the Brades Nursery School.