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GOM Supporting More Local Contractors to Bid on Projects

The Government of Montserrat (GoM) has taken steps to assist local contractors to be able to submit suitable bids on capital projects.

One of the areas in the tendering process that commonly prevents some businesses, contractors or self-employed persons from tendering on projects is the ability to produce a valid Tax Compliance Certificate, says a release from the Government Information Unit.

To get help with satisfying the requirement for a valid Tax Compliance Certificate, The Small Business Support Unit, Business Services Manager, Agatha Aspin is providing support to interested businesses, contractors and self-employed persons.

The Business Services Manager has been providing assistance to small businesses, contractors and self-employed persons in managing their business affairs. Aspin highlighted a recent workshop which was conducted to encourage business persons to be compliant in all aspects of their business affairs. She said, “We conducted a two-evening workshop on July 22 and 23, to provide information, resources and specialist advise on how businesses can attain and maintain compliance with local business enabling agencies, such as The Financial Services Commission, The Social Security Fund, The Inland Revenue Department and The Trade Division.”

Mrs. Aspin also noted that future training sessions will be conducted which will include training in the tendering process. “The aim of these training exercises, when implemented, will be to provide persons with a step by step guide through the tendering process. This will help to increase their understanding of the requirements, thereby increasing the likelihood that they can submit strong competitive bids, which may be successful,” stated the Business Service Manager.

Interested businesses, contractors and self-employed persons are encouraged to visit the Small Business Unit located in the Tourism Division, upstairs The Building Society in Brades, for advice on how to address this and other matters. The Business Services Manager can also be contacted on 491-4703.