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Apply for the ELAN Scholarship and French Immersion Programme

The ELAN (Echanges Linguistiques et Apprentissage Novateur par la Mobilité – Linguistic Exchanges and Innovative Learning through Mobility) project is offering GCSE A level and CAPE 2 holders, the opportunity to study at the Université des Antilles through the ELAN scholarship and immersion programme.
ELAN is a 3-million-euro project co-financed by Interreg Caraïbe through the European Regional Development Fund and the European Development Fund and with the contribution of the institutional partners mentioned below. It seeks to improve the command of foreign languages, facilitate access to higher education, and encourage student mobility, training, and school exchange programs within the region.
The objective is to reinforce youth skills for ease of access to the labour market, and to improve competitiveness among companies; improve the attractiveness of territories and finally, promote a shared Caribbean identity as the basis for an efficient and sustainable regional integration.
Scope of the scholarship and immersion programme
The ELAN scholarship and immersion programme is a golden opportunity for OECS students to improve their command of French, thereby facilitating access to higher education in the French territories in the region.
In order to register at a French University, students must have at least B2 proficiency in French based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). ELAN provides those students with at least a B2 level in French, who apply to the Université des Antilles through the French Embassy in Saint Lucia, the opportunity to apply for a scholarship of 700 euros per month, which may be renewed the following year.
In an effort to reach a wider audience, a pilot project also allows GCSE A level and CAPE 2 holders who have attained A2 or B1 proficiency in French, to integrate into an immersion programme, in order to improve their command of the language and to facilitate access to the university.

The project gives B1 students the opportunity to participate in a 5-month immersion programme in Martinique or Guadeloupe, in order to pass the B2 exam and to register at the Université des Antilles.
They will benefit from a scholarship of 700 € per month for the duration of the immersion programme and also for the first regular year at the Université des Antilles.
Students who have A2 proficiency in French, have the possibility of attending classes at the Alliance Française of their home country, in order to pass the DELF B1 exam and to integrate into the B1 immersion programme.

It should be noted that all students who register at the Université des Antilles will benefit from reduced registration fees, for example applicants to an undergraduate degree will only pay 170€ per year instead of 2,770€ (like the Nationals).


The immersion of students with A2 level French will take place at the Alliance Francaise of their home country from October 2019 to January 2020. Students will attend a total of 150 hours of intensive classes and pass the B1 level DELF exam in order to continue the programme. The cost of the classes and DELF exams will be covered by the ELAN project.
Successful B1 candidates will take part in the immersion programme at the Université des Antilles from February 2020 to June 2020 where they will attend 3 months of French and university classes in order to obtain the B2 level and 2 months of internship. They will benefit from the ELAN scholarship while at the university.
Please send applications and required documents to the following e-mail addresses: and before 16th September 2019. Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview for selection.