Statistics Department Montserrat to Celebrate 11th Annual Caribbean Statistics Day

The Statistics Department of Montserrat has planned a week of activities from October 13 to 18, in observance of the 11th Annual Caribbean Statistics Day; which is celebrated this year on Tuesday, October 15.

During the week of activities, the Statistics Department will share their expertise, knowledge and passion with the general public with the intention of encouraging the Nation to provide ‘Better Data for Better Lives’. CARICOM Member States alike will engage in activities to mark this day with importance, and will also provide outreach and foster greater understanding on the significance of statistics. This year’s Annual Caribbean Statistics Day is being observed under the theme ‘Building Resilience of the Caribbean Community’. However, the local Statistics Departments’ theme is ‘Better Statistics, Better Lives’.

Chief Statistician in the Statistics Department, Siobhan Tuitt said, “Each year we make every effort to bring awareness to the importance of data sharing and updating our public records. Not only does it benefit our country, it benefits us individually in the long run.”

The Statistics Department noted that several nations have benefitted from data sharing, within and beyond our region. The department also indicated that members of the public here will benefit during the week of activities as they will understand that providing better data will assist in better policy and planning in the future.

“The Statistics Department Montserrat houses a host of dedicated individuals who take the role they play very seriously and their willingness to do the footwork should serve as motivation for the general public to assist in our common goal,” said Statistician Alphege Browne.

The Statistics Department Montserrat hopes to bring much needed awareness to the importance of good data practices among other things during the week of activities. The following activities will be held:
Sunday October 13

  • Attending of Church Service & Remembrance of late Director Katrina R. Ryan: (St. John’s Anglican Church);
  • Debating Competition (Montserrat Community College Debaters); Honoring former Senior Statistician Teresina Bodkin

Monday October 14

  • Primary School visits (Brades & Lookout Primary)
  • Monday 14th – Friday 18th October – live Radio giveaways for all ages (Primary, Secondary, MCC/Adults)

Tuesday October 15

  • Soft launch of SDM website
  • Airing of Official statement from Secretary General from CARICOM (prerecorded by Statistician Browne)
  • Official release of ‘A snapshot of Montserrat’s Journey in Time” SDM infographic

Wednesday October 16

  • “Census 2021 is coming” SDM video release
  • Launch of Census 2021 Jingle, Logo, and Slogan competition
  • Launch of Census 2021 school project

Thursday October 17

  • Live radio panel discussion with Key Stakeholders on the “Importance of Statistics for Development”

Friday October 18  (beginning Monday 14th)

  • Radio giveaways for all ages (Primary, Secondary, MCC/Adults)