Screenshot of the Statistics Department Montserrat website.

Statistics Department Montserrat Launches Website

Screenshot of the Statistics Department Montserrat website.

As part of Caribbean Statistics Day week of celebrations the Department of Statistics announced Wednesday that their website is now live. Freshly designed with an interactive look and an intuitive navigation, the site was developed with the assistance of the Government of Canada through the Project for the Regional Advancement of Statistics in the Caribbean (PRASC).

Chief Statistician Siobhan Tuitt said that “as the National Statistical Office, our role is to tell this island’s story in numbers using high quality, reliable and relevant statistical information. Statistics are fundamental to all of our lives—in the growth and sustainable development of our island and for the well-being of our people. This is why we have made it easier for our users to access the information as required when needed to make informed decisions on/for our society and economy.”

“Our website,” Tuitt said, “is geared toward being the ultimate reference tool to find information, including the latest statistics on a wide range of subjects; a set of ready-to-use key indicators; and requesting data directly from our department (Census and Data Requests).”

Statistics help governments, companies and individuals to make knowledgeable decisions on many aspects of life. Tuitt said that as SDM is the trusted source of information on the social and economic situation of Montserrat, the staff look forward to providing the public with accurate, objective and reliable statistics.

The website can be found at or