Youth Parliament Organising Montserrat Election Debates

The Montserrat Youth Parliament is planning to host a series of debates ahead of the November 18 General Elections.

Discover Montserrat has learned the first debate is slated for Tuesday October 22 and it is hoped that representatives from the political parties and independent candidates will agree to participate.

A tentative schedule has been released however, the organisers say several parties and candidates are yet to confirm if they will participate.

Peter D.A. Queeley, leader of the Montserrat United Labour Party said on Facebook Saturday “Peter D.A. Queeley calls for a public debate between the Political Leaders of the respective Political Parties and this is what they send me.

:Somebody is playing some very serious games.

“You are telling me that Franklyn Algie Greaves must debate against Bertram Lee.

“Jermaine Wade must debate against Keithroy Keithroy De Bear Morson.

“Peter Queeley must debate against Dr Lewis and Ingrid Buffonge from the MNC and Associates, Eastern Easton Taylor Farrell and Samuel Joseph from MCAP and Paul Lewis and Donaldson Romeo from PDM. Plus independents.

“The MULP will not participate in NONSENSE.”

The plan is to host weekly debates until November 12 each Tuesday to learn more about what the parties and candidates’ plans are for Montserrat. ZJB and is to stream the event.

The public can submit questions by email at