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Vincentians on Montserrat to Celebrate their 40th Independence Anniversary

From left to right: Head Chef Dretson Pompey, Operations Manager Monique Arthur, Food & Beverage Manager Shanique Hoyte and Chef Desron Oliver; all Vincentians

With many Vincentian nationals residing in Montserrat, Tropical Mansion Suites has decided to bring a taste of Vincy Cuisine to the Emerald Isle by hosting a Vincy Buffet Brunch on Sunday October 27th , which happens to be the day St. Vincent and the Grenadines will celebrate its 40th Anniversary of Independence.
The brunch will feature many popular Vincy dishes including Breadfruit & Jack Fish, which is the national dish of the island.
The event will be a truly authentic culinary experience as the hotel boasts two Vincentian Chefs, Chef Dretson and Chef Shane who have already been creating a buzz at the hotel with their exciting new menu offerings.
“We have been welcomed to Montserrat so warmly by so many people, that we wanted to show our appreciation for our new home and to our new friends. And so this Sunday we will share a bit of our Vincy Culture right here at Breezes Restaurant”, said the hotel’s new Operations Manager, Monique Arthur.
“It is definitely an event you wouldn’t want to miss and it is one of many in a series of themed events that we aim to introduce into our offering here at Tropical Mansion Suites”, added Merle Galloway, owner of the hotel.

Other upcoming events include a Steak, Lamb and Lobster Night as well as Makeup & Mimosas, which is being presented by the hotel’s Tropical Oasis Spa.
Persons can already reserve their spot for the Vincy Independence Buffet Brunch by calling the hotel at 664.491.8767 and encouraged to follow Tropical Mansion Suites on Facebook and Instagram for all updates on this and future events.