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Watch the 2019 Calypso Eliminations

Watch here…

Montserrat’s calypso eliminations happening Saturday night at 8PM will feature more than 30 local singers competing for cash and glory.

Local personalities Little Lenny and Sharlene Lindsay will host the live show from the Festival Village in Little Bay. Black Rhythms band led by Cecile Cepeke Lake will be backing up all of the competitors.

Judges for the evening are Ozzie Carty, Zara Lee, Elizabeth Piper-Wade, David Duberry, Valerie Daley.

Singers are judged on lyrics (35pits), Melody (30pts), rendition (25pts), and presentation (10pts).

All of the participants who are eliminated from the competition are awarded $300.
If you’re on island we hope you come down to the park to enjoy the show live as there really is nothing else like being up close to the singers and the atmosphere.
For those unable to join us, the Montserrat Arts Council will be streaming the event live on the Montserrat Carnival page. You can find the live stream here from 8PM local time.

If you prefer watching on YouTube. Here is the link to their channel …