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Nyota Mulcare is returning to the calypso stage after 12 years.

Black Pearl and Jaguar Return for 2019 Calypso Eliminations

This Saturday, there will be some familiar voices returning, after a long hiatus to the stage in the 2019 Calypso Eliminations.
Henry Sweeney, now performing as Jaguar, is competing after a seven-year absence from the local show. He was one of the first singers to release their song on local radio ahead of the show. Guilty is his confession of feeling a need to return to the stage despite saying he was done with singing calypso.

Nyota Mulcare is returning to the calypso stage after 12 years.

Nyota Mulcare, performing as Black Pearl, made her first and only appearance on the calypso stage in 2007.  Mulcare, who is also president of the civil service union said the recent issues with the deputy governor have driven her to sing about it. She will be performing Let Fairness Reign in the eliminations.
There are currently 33 calypsonians registered to perform and rehearsals are in full swing with the Black Rhythms Band, led by former monarch and prolific songwriter, Cecil Cepeke Lake.
As expected, the song titles reflect this year’s focus on the general elections.

  1. Jonelle Thomas – Contagious – Wink Up
  2. David O’Garro – Ambassador of Israel – Shuffle the Deck
  3. Maxcine Osborne – Maxcine – Man’s Quest for Success
  4. Baptist Wallace – Baptist – Man in a Marse
  5. Henry Sweeney – Jaguar – Guilty
  6. Silvina Malone – Khandie – Montserrat in my DNA
  7. Nyota Mulcare – Black Pearl – Let Fairness Reign
  8. Henry Fenton – Ipa – Mama Africa
  9. Elton Galloway – Chipsa – Sherriff MCAP
  10. Davon Williams – Racatang – Duty of Silence
  11. Steve Weekes – Iceman – Agent of Change
  12. Stevel Rodney – De Rod – Still Standing
  13. Kevin Farrell – Nattie – Amazon Burning
  14. Herman Francis – Cupid – 2 Hundred Million to Spen
  15. James Brown – Cruza – Don Done
  16. Frederick Daley – Taffy – Soca Zone
  17. Kelvin Duberry – Tabu – Rise Up
  18. Edwin Martin – Red Ride – I Hate it When I’m Right
  19. Maggie Destouche – Maggie – Blind Spot
  20. Kimonna Luvelle Albert – Kimmona – Carry On
  21. Shane Caesar – Lord Ceasar – Exxes Sexes Exex
  22. Sanjarion Prince – Sanjarion – Farming
  23. Glasford Lee – Ras Alpha – Fantastic
  24. Desmond Davis – Undertaker – Turn the Money Over
  25. Vickie Locker – Storm – We in Trouble
  26. Basil Alphonso – Basil Alphonso – I Worry for this Nation
  27. Reinford Gibbons – Kulcha Don – Political Trickery
  28. String Bean – Rum
  29. Steve Watts – Michigan – Carnival Do That
  30. Steve Jeffry – GT – Pretty Baba
  31. Kenneth Greenaway – Yogi Lazer – Back to Montserrat
  32. Michael Greenaway – Sunny Money – Come Ley We
  33. Robert Baker – Shorty – Carnaval Fantasy

Calypso Eliminations will be held at the Carnival Village in Little Bay. Judges will select 15 to move forward into the semi-finals, which will be further whittled down to nine to vie for the crown currently held by Garnett “Sylk” Thompson.