Ttrevvle’s ‘Defend It’ is Road March Winner, Heading to Trinidad Carnival

Trevon Pollard

Trevon M Pollard performing as Ttrevvle is the Montserrat Carnival 2019’s Road March winner with his song ‘Defend It’.

The Road March is judged at Montserrat Carnival Committee street jams and on New Year’s Day at the parade judging points, said a statement on the Montserrat Carnival Facebook page.

Ttrevvle also took home both the Power and Groovy Soca Monarch titles after the December competition. He told Discover Montserrat that he is humbled by the wins and they validated his decision to invest more in his own music.

“It really is about discipline. When it was time for practice, I was there at least thirty minutes before. My team and I also made time for regular physical workouts,” he added. “I am heavily invested in becoming one of the greatest soca artists of our time. I want to make sure this dream becomes a reality.

Pollard, who is of Guyanese origin but grew up on Montserrat, said 2020 will be a year to see more young Montserratians dominating in the international space.

He said participating in the Audio Essential Workshop in Trinidad in 2019 was a transformative moment for his career. Pollard was able to attend with the support of the Department of Youth and Community Services.

“We learned about songwriting, brand development, production, and the business side of music. I was able to work with producers who were recommended to me after the workshop and that is leading to new opportunities,” the artist shared.

Pollard is preparing to set off on a public relations tour of radio and other media houses in Trinidad later this month. He hopes this will lead to performances over the Trinidad carnival season. Upon his return he has plans to record new music and to continue to develop his brand for the people who have been supporting his music.

“It’s also about pushing Montserrat culture. I’m ready.”

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