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Rough seas in Carrs Bay and Little Bay made it impossible for the ferry and other cargo vessels to come into port today.

Ferry Service Disruptions Due to Weather System

Rough Seas – Little Bay

The Access Division, under the portfolio of the Office of the Premier, is informing travelers that a high pressure system in the region is expected to produce rough sea conditions over the next few days, which has resulted in the cancellation of the ‘Day Tour Service’ and will possibly disrupt other scheduled ferry services from Friday January 10 to 14.

According to a release from the Government Information Unit, daily assessments of sea conditions will be done to determine whether the ferry service will operate and customers will be informed of changes to the ferry services following these assessments. Customers are therefore encouraged to monitor all media platforms for regular updates on potential changes to the ferry service.

Travellers are asked to note that the ferry is scheduled to depart Montserrat for Antigua at 6:00a.m. tomorrow Friday, January 10 and a determination will be made on whether or not the ferry will operate its normal return journey from Antigua to Montserrat in the evening.

However, ‘Day Tour Service’ for tomorrow, Friday January 10, has been cancelled.

Customers are therefore advised to review their travel arrangements considering the upcoming disruptions.

Ferry Agents can be contacted on the following numbers:

Montserrat: Jemmotte Shipping 496-9912
Antigua: Jenny Tours 1-268-722-8188
The Access Division apologises for any inconvenience caused.