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Jaden Sun Ferry (File Photo)

Access Division Travel Updates and Advice for St. Patrick’s Festival

As the peak travel season has begun, the Access Division, Office of the Premier is informing the traveling public of the following:
1. The March 10th evening Ferry Service from Antigua to Montserrat is now fully booked:
Customers are advised that the ferry service on Tuesday March 10, 2020 departing Antigua at 7:30p.m. is now fully booked.

Customers who were not able to book on this (March 10) evening service can book on the 3:00p.m. service from Antigua to Montserrat.

The Access Division needs a clear indication of how many persons are arriving in Antigua, on March 10th and are destined to Montserrat on the Ferry Service. Therefore, all travelers intending to use the Ferry service on this day are asked to book online at

Individuals who are also arriving in Antigua after 3:00p.m. are asked to book on the 3:00p.m. service, so the Access Division can make arrangements to shift passengers between the two departure times, as required.

Customers travelling into Antigua early on the 10th of March and are booked on the 7:30p.m departure, but would prefer the 3:00p.m departure, please contact the Access Division on or 664-491-3378 for us to transfer your ticket to the earlier service.

2. Check Travel Status: Travelers are encouraged to check both Ferry and Air travel status before travel and print your connecting journey to avoid check in delays.

3. Do not travel with prohibited drugs: Cannabis (marijuana/ganja/weed) is an illegal drug in Montserrat, whether it is used for recreation, medicinal purposes or other reasons, and can result in imprisonment and or fines. Therefore, persons are reminded to avoid traveling with cannabis (marijuana/ganja) and any other illegal drugs.

4. Expect delays at ports of entry due to additional screening/ increased surveillance: As the new coronavirus (COVID19) continues to spread across the world, travelers to Montserrat will experience longer processing times at the Ports of entry due to increased screening of persons entering the island. All travelers can therefore expect to be asked additional questions from Boarder Security personnel as part of the screening process, to ascertain information related to their travel history and contact with individuals who may be ill.

Please remember to always be courteous and exercise patience with Immigration, Customs, Ferry Agents, and Customer Service personnel. Their main goal is to help in any way possible.