Ferry Schedule Disruption Expected Tuesday Due to Sea Conditions

The public is advised that there is a High-Pressure system in the Atlantic region that would be affecting sea conditions between Montserrat and Antigua. There is a high possibility that Ferry services will be affected for Tuesday 10th March 2020.

Regular assessments of sea conditions will be done to determine whether the ferry service will operate. Customers are asked to check for regular updates from all media platforms.

The Ferry service will depart Tuesday Morning at 06:00 to Antigua with a determination on evening return made later in the day by 12 noon.

Customers are therefore advised to reassess their travel arrangements considering the possible upcoming disruption as customers may have to overnight.

Montserrat: Jemmotte Shipping 1-664-496-9912
Antigua: Jenny Tours 1-268-722-8188

The Access Division do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.