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Accepting the Order of Excellence on behalf of her mother Dr. Icilma Fergus-Rowe was Ariana Rowe

Watch the 2020 National Honours & Awards

This stream is produced by the Government Information Unit and goes live at 6PM.
Scheduled to be honoured tonight are:
First National Youth Award recipient – Lionel Baker
Order of Excellence for their extraordinary and unwavering commitment, devoted and distinguished contributions:

  • Justin “Hero” Cassell for his service and achievements towards the advancement of music regionally and internationally; and
  • Charles “Jim” Allen for his contributions and achievements in the field of sports, specifically Cricket.

 Order of Distinction for their distinguished and outstanding contributions:

  • Alric Taylor, a former deputy governor, nominated for his contributions in the areas of civil service and education; and
  • Mrs. Vera Weekes for her service in the area of education.

Order of Merit for meritorious contributions to Montserrat:

  • Charles “Nick” Ryan for his contribution and service in the field of Disaster Management; and
  • Mrs. Margaret Browne for her commitment to education development.