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Rough seas in Carrs Bay and Little Bay made it impossible for the ferry and other cargo vessels to come into port today.

Rough Seas Proving a Challenge for St. Patrick’s Festival Travellers

NOTICE – Jaden Sun ferry to depart Antigua at 4PM on Tuesday, March 10. Will dock at the Plymouth Jetty. Passengers will only be allowed a carryon. All other luggage will come down on the Typhoon Express. —>

With an estimated 350 to 400 people scheduled to come to Montserrat on the ferry today, the news of possible cancellations due to foul weather is unwelcome. A weather system moving across the region, and which is very common for this time of year, is making it difficult for travellers to get to the St. Patrick’s Festival here on island.

Travellers have been contacting Discover Montserrat desperate for a solution as they do not want to be stranded in Antigua overnight.

However, Access Coordinator Ashley Lindsey said on ZJB Radio this morning that they are working to find accommodations on Antigua, should the ferry be unable to run as scheduled today. As it is high season for Antigua as well, most hotels are booked and with the “kinds of numbers we’re looking at, they we won’t be able to accommodate us,” he explained.

Lindsey said the evening ferry was fully booked and an additional service was added for 3PM today. This puts the expected numbers between 350 to 400. He advised travellers that once they arrive in Antigua, they should make their way to the port at Heritage Quay and they will be advised on the plans. The coordinator added that they can’t promise everyone that accommodations will be found but they are doing their best. An update is expected by noon today.

Travellers will need to consider sharing rooms to keep costs down. Patience is being encouraged as the weather situation is outside of their control.

Winair flights are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, however they are fully booked. The local airlines had also added flights to manage the increased demand and are not in a position to conduct charters to bring in ferry passengers today, the coordinator explained.

Contingencies are in place for everyone to come in from Wednesday, Lindsey added.

This article will be updated once information received.