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Don’t Leave Without Momentos of the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean

Photographer Ian Gerald gives a lesson to a brownie at their sleepover at the Governor’s residence. (2017 Guides Photo)

A young entrepreneur has launched a new brand called Montserrat Momentos to showcase his passion for photography and to give visitors unique gifts to purchase as souvenirs.
Montserrat Momentos is created by award-winning photographer Ian Gerald, who runs Hypnotik Frames, a registered business providing studio commercial and event photography.

Water Drop aka Dry Waterfall, Montserrat by Ian Gerald
Buried City by Ian Gerald

“Montserrat still remains one of the least touched islands in the Caribbean. Because of this, the island still holds a beautiful canvas of imagery which is why I ventured out to not only capture beautiful unique stills of the island, but to reproduce them in imaginative ways that people can physically interact with it,” explained Gerald, who has been serious about his photography for the past eight years.
The Montserrat Momentos collection features jigsaw puzzles and time capsules. There are 1000 and 500-piece puzzles featuring Gerald’s images of The Buried City of Plymouth, the Dry Waterfall, which is known to some as Water Drop and Marine Village in Little Bay.

Mini puzzles with stand are also an option.

The contents of the time capsules vary dependent on the main photograph. Possible inserts are volcanic ash, the national dish recipe, and bush rum. A 12″x16″ photo printed on premium luster paper is included in each capsule.

“The Montserrat Momentos collectibles are all derived from authentic products of Montserrat. The aim of these collectibles are to display the beauty the island has to offer, along with sharing native products made from elements from the interior of the island or were created by the island itself,” he explained.

Prices range from 60 to 200 XCD.
To purchase call Ian at 664-493 – 5295. They are also available at the Montserrat National Trust in Salem and the Easi Living Gallery in Hilltop, St. Peters.

Follow Ian on Instagram @iancreates.