2010 File photo of a WINAIR aircraft landing at the John A. Osborne Airport.

Change Fees Removed From Local Airlines and Ferry

Premier Joseph Easton Taylor-Farrell announced Thursday that no one is to be charged change fees for making adjustments to their travel plans due to the abrupt end to the St. Patrick’s Festival activities.

In recent days travellers had informed Discover Montserrat that Fly Montserrat had been charging a change fee.

The premier, who has responsibility for culture and Access said in a prepared statement “I sincerely apologize for any individual inconvenienced by the abrupt cancellation of the St. Patrick’s Festival 2020.

“However, public health remains our top priority and in order to ensure that Montserrat is able to provide adequate care and protection for its residents, we were left with no other choice.

“In light of the evolving global pandemic, major airlines are cutting back flights and will continue to do so as the situation worsens.

“To accommodate travelers who are willing to re-schedule their flights airlines have removed change fees on bookings, so persons can amend their travels without additional fees or charges.

“The same applies to the Montserrat Ferry Service and airline tickets between Montserrat and Antigua. Therefore, you will not be charged any additional fees to change your return journeys.

“To this end, the government is requesting that all visitors not currently in quarantine, and not displaying symptoms of the novel coronavirus, re-book their flights in order to return to their home countries, as early as possible to avoid being left stranded. This is recommended as some countries are closing their airports.

“We look forward to seeing you again when this pandemic is over.

“In the meantime, if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as fever, cough, runny nose or sore throat, please call the Flu Clinic at 491 5436 or 496-9724.

“Thank you for understanding, and I will continue to update you as required.

By God’s grace we will overcome the challenges associated with COVID-19.

“God bless you all,” the statement read.