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Pinnacle Pte, Montserrat (Robert Field Photo)

Take a Tour of Neverland Montserrat Style

Promo shot from the Wendy movie.

More than 80% of the new movie Wendy, by Oscar-nominated director Benh Zeitlin, was shot here on Montserrat.

The LA Times  said “Neverland is played, gorgeously, by the Caribbean island of Montserrat, home to an active volcano that looms over lush green foliage and a gorgeous blue sea” and we couldn’t agree more. You can read our review of the film here.

We’re grinning over here at that imagery that statement evokes but also at how you feel once you have the first glimpse of the island on the big screen. While the movie uses lots of special effects to tell some of its other-worldly story, Montserrat doesn’t need any special camera work to show off what is naturally hers.

Now that we have seen the movie, we want to highlight a few of the locations which were turned into Neverland for Wendy.

Exclusion Zone
Special permission was sought for the film to be shot in a few locations which are not yet accessible to the public.
Scenes were shot in Trants and St. George’s Hill.
However, here are the locations you can choose to escape to alone or with a tour guide.

Plymouth – The Buried City

The devastation and grayness of Plymouth is used to amplify what happens when we worry. This is one location in the Exclusion Zone which the public can access. However, you need to apply for permission to entry at least 24 hours before your planned visit. There are local tour guides certified to conduct visits into Plymouth.

Abandoned building in Plymouth (Discover Montserrat Photo)
The destruction in Plymouth was ideal for scenes in Wendy. (Agnes Lempriere Photo)
(Agnes Lempriere Photo)
Agnes Lempriere, Dr. Walter Creery centre and Marg Barker waiting for their scene in Wendy. (Agnes Lempriere Photo)
On the set of Wendy. (Agnes Lempriere Photo)
Woodlands Beach
The lush vegetation which surrounds this beach is used throughout the feature.
Woodlands Beach (Discover Montserrat Photo)

Davy Hill, Silver Hills and Richmond Hill were also locations used in the film. Zeitlin said they shot about 100 hours of film for the movie. Would be cool to see some of the footage that did not make the cut.


Pinnacle Pte, Montserrat (Robert Field Photo)

Robert “One Note” Field captured this shot which looks an awful lot like the promotional image (see first image on post) used in the initial movie poster for Wendy. It was taken at Pinnacle Point in the Silver Hills area.

Yellow Heliconia on the Duberry-Cassava Trail in the Centre Hills. (Discover Montserrat Photo)

Duberry Cassava Trail

The Duberry-Cassava Trail is one of our most popular hiking trails in the Centre Hills. It is about 45 minutes one-way and with a generally even terrain, it is one of the easier trails to manage. Always best not to hike alone.

Soldier Ghaut Bay

The director said they added steps to access this beach from the land side more easily. Aqua Montserrat offers snorkelling and kayaking tours there during summer months when sea conditions are less volatile. Also best for more advanced snorkelers.

Marguerita Bay

Marguerita Bay can be accessed by going through the village of Lookout. Swimming is not recommended due to the rough Atlantic seas but the view and the tranquility is amazing.

New Windward Beach

Some residents took to calling this beach Bora Bora. It isn’t the easiest place to get to. You can find it off on your left as you head towards Jack Boy Hill. We have got the Soufriere Hills Volcano to thank for adding to this beauty.
The beach has a cool rock bridge on which Peter has a fight scene. The bridge is similar in design to Hells Gate Bridge in Antigua and we see both locations juxtaposed throughout the film.

New Windward Beach (Luc Rozon photo)
Rock bridge at New Windward Beach (Luc Rozon photo)

About Wendy

Rating: PG-13, for brief violent/bloody images

Running time: 1 hour, 52 minutes

Find out where you can see the movie in your area via their Instagram.