Deputy Governor Orders All Non-Essential Officers to Work From Home

The Deputy Governor has instructed the public officers in the Government of Montserrat who are not an essential service providers to work from home until April 14, 2020.

The decision comes on the heels of Cabinet’s decision to close all non-essential businesses on island for a period of 14 days effective Thursday 26, March 2020.
All non-essential Government of Montserrat offices will be closed at end of business today, and from tomorrow, Thursday March 26, only essential GOM staff, to include health, police and port officials, should attend their workplace.
“All staff would have been previously advised of the adoption of flexible working arrangements, and most Heads of Departments would have been developing business continuity plans aimed at reducing the number of staffing various offices at any one time.
“I am asking every civil servant who is not one of our essential workers to finalize the necessary arrangements to allow them to work remotely as a matter of urgency today,” the circular read. All non-essential civil servants are required to work from home and not return to the workplace until Tuesday 14 April 2020, unless otherwise directed.

The full list of essential service departments are:

  • Royal Montserrat Police Service (to include Marine and IBSU
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Prison Services
  • Ministry of Health and Social Services (All Departments)
  • Airport Management
  • Radio Montserrat
  • Government Information Unit
  • Cesspool Operators and Driver
  • Security/Night/Watchmen
  • Customs
  • Supreme Court Registry (Births and deaths)
  • Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (at the direction of the DPP)
  • Attorney General’s Chambers (at the direction of the Attorney General)
  • Department of Information and E-Government Services DITES)
  • Ministry of Finance (Budget and Economic Team, Treasury, General Post Office)
  • Disaster Management Coordination Agency

Read the circular here…3-25-10-Closure of All Non-essential Government Offices