New COVID-19 Patient Hospitalised as Cases on Montserrat Increase to Eight

As of Tuesday, April 7, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on Montserrat has increased to eight.

According to a release from the Government Information Unit, the Ministry of Health and Social Services confirmed that six samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency, Reference Laboratory for testing on Monday April 6, 2020.  Today, the Ministry received results for two; which are positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID- 19). The results of the four remaining samples are presently pending. This brings the total number of positives on island to eight.

Of the two new cases, one individual is in home isolation and doing well. Unfortunately, the Ministry is also reporting that the other individual is hospitalized, and is in severe condition and has been placed on a ventilator to assist with breathing. The other six positive cases remain in home isolation and are doing well. The Ministry will continue to monitor their progress until swabs show no evidence of COVID- 19 infection.

At this time, the Ministry wishes to extend its gratitude to all essential workers on the frontline of this pandemic. The public is reminded that we can all help in this fight by continuing to practice good hygiene, reporting all respiratory symptoms to the St. Peter’s Clinic and continuing to stay indoors.

Premier J. Easton Taylor-Farrell is expected to give an update on Wednesday on the government’s ongoing management of the situation.

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3 Responses

  1. Margaret Allen says:

    This reporting is exceedingly helpful. But pray tell. What is being done to identify asymptomatic cases of Coronavirus in Montserrat? While Montserrat is a UK territory, and I am proud, glad and supporter of that status, the island will NOT have the luxury of following without further thought the UK’s strategy. The island’s population is so small that finding the number of asymptomatic cases, at the very latest, prior to exiting lockdown will be to my mind an imperative. The risks otherwise could be devastating. Is someone on top of this question? And am wondering if this is a right forum for expressing my concern.

    • DiscoverMNITeam says:

      Great question Margaret. We will put the question to the Ministry of Health at their next press conference. We are also awaiting their feedback on other issues related to more comprehensive testing of residents.

  2. Craig Harris says:

    I don’t get the sense that the authorities are on top of the situation.
    And there is no leadership.
    Governor goes on radio to be interviewed and cannot answer half of the questions.
    Ministry of Health puts out numbers without a press conference.
    Premier is coming on to talk about his wish list, with no money behind it.
    The Deputy Premier is going on the ‘Hot Seat’ tomorrow to prove that he is the smartest or most something of the lot.
    Who is leading?

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