Social Services prepares packages for delivery (MOHSS Photo)

340 Relief Packages Delivered by Social Services

Social Services prepares packages for delivery (Colin Fergus Photo)
Social Services prepares packages for delivery (Colin Fergus Photo)
Social Services prepares packages for delivery (Colin Fergus Photo)
Social Services prepares packages for delivery (Colin Fergus Photo)

The Department of Social Services with the assistance of the Royal Monserrat Defense Force have delivered 340 care and relief packages so far.

This was disclosed by Premier Joseph E. Farrell in his weekly COVID-19 update. Read April 15 statement here…

The premier said he was pleased that they have been able to assist those who have been experiencing economic challenges from the fall out of COVID-19. He added that in the first three days of implementation, the Department of Social Services and other public servants delivered 340 food packages, at an average cost of $400 each.

The minister, who also has responsibility for finance said work is progressing on a data base of self-employed persons to allow for the roll out of the second component of the government’s stimulus package, known as the ‘Covid-19 unemployment allowance’. This is in addition to a food package which they are always entitled to.
The Ministry of Finance has been asked to accelerate this process to allow for distribution of payment as soon as possible.
Persons who are self-employed should call the Social Services Department on 495-3895 or 495-7491 to ensure that their names are on the list.

The premier said that workers in the hospitality and tourism sector have not been responding as quickly as they should to the application process, which is open for affected individuals to receive financial assistance.
Employers are encouraged to apply for their staff to receive financial support, and self employed individuals in this sector are also encouraged to apply for themselves.

  • Tourist accommodation providers
  • Tour operators, including both land- and marine-based
  • Transportation services
  • Restaurants
  • Other tourism-related businesses

This package will provide a direct cash injection into businesses to allow for the continued payment and employment of full-time workers at a maximum of 80% of their gross salary, with a ceiling of no more than $3200 (80% of $4000) per employee.

Employees and individuals should complete their application forms as soon as possible, to allow for the wage component of the package to be disbursed. These forms should be submitted online or email to
If persons within the sector are having difficulty filling out the application on line they should call the Ministry of Finance at telephone number 393-9878 to ask for assistance.


Read Premier Farrell’s April 15 COVID-19 Weekly Statement here…