Montserrat’s First Recovered COVID-19 Patient Shares Her Experience

Days after Montserrat confirmed that one patient had recovered from the COVID-19, Yolanda Royer told her story to the Antigua & Barbuda TV show.

In an almost 20-minute interview, Royer shared her early symptoms which were a dry throat and a dry cough which evolved into a high fever and led her to go for testing at the local Flu Clinic, established at the St. Peter’s Health Centre for this purpose. As her son has upper respiratory issues she was concerned that her being ill would affect him.

She has been in isolation since March 23, when her diagnosis was confirmed. After two subsequent tests returned negative, she was given the all clear. However, as the island is now in the midst of a seven-day total shutdown she had no where to go but decided to get all dressed up to go outside to take the garbage to celebrate her recovery.

Royer said a daily dose of garlic and ginger along with lots of vitamin C and bush tea were part of her regimen. She also took time to work outdoors in the sun. Staying positive and the encouragement from friends and family who did the shopping and checked in to make sure she was alright helped her through the three weeks of isolation.

Doctors told Royer she had a mild case of the virus for which she is grateful as it did not escalate to needing hospitalisation.

She added that it was important to tell her story as a Caribbean perspective was necessary on how people are managing the virus. Watch her full interview below.