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Opposition Leader Commends Montserrat’s Essential Workers

Member of the Legislative Assembly Paul Lewis

As many on island used today to celebrate the hard work and commitment of the essential workers who have been at the frontline of Montserrat’s management of the COVID-19 crisis, Opposition Leader Paul Lewis added his thanks on behalf of his colleagues.

“The bedrock of a nation is the care it gives to its people as they seek to realise their dreams and improve upon their circumstances. This care is given not only in good times, but more so, it becomes central during times of crisis.
“COVID 19 has shown all of us here on Montserrat, and indeed to the entire world, that despite all of our best efforts to protect our citizens from economic turmoil, and also from other forms of social ills, an invisible invader such as COVID-19 can come and leave us bare and in search of answers to keep our citizenry safe and our livelihoods secured.
“The past months for the world have been a test and it continues to be so. For Montserrat undergoing full lockdown as has been directed by our government, it has not been easy on any of us. Across all levels of our society, the anxiety borne from the uncertainty of COVID-19 has been clear for all to see. Even more specifically, many times my phone rings, or Members of the Opposition have been contacted by many persons seeking answers to everyday concerns, or just to voice their fears of where to next for our beautiful homeland.
“In spite of it all, it is not all gloomy. The protection of our people is paramount. From the start of COVID-19 here on Montserrat there are many persons and organisations who have banded together and shown of their best selves to ensure that post-COVID-19, there will be a Montserrat that we can continue to be proud of; a Montserrat where we will continue to put our shoulders to the wheel and push against the grain of disaster – both natural and invisible – towards putting in place a viable future for this land.
“I, as Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition here on Montserrat, speak for all my fellow colleagues in extending a heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone on the frontline particularly, who have been working hard during this COVID-19 crisis.
“The Opposition wishes to say thanks to our medical staff – from the frontline workers in the form of our nurses and doctors who have had to deal with testing for COVID-19 cases, to dealing with those who have returned positive results, caring for those in quarantine and dealing with the fears of families for their loved ones who may have contracted COVID-19. You all have been marvellous; being supported by an Administrative team who no doubt have been working hard equally. I know it has not been easy on any of you, and with the Love of God as my guide, I extend to you the humblest of thanks.
“I say thank you also for the hard work and dedication of our Police Officers, our Firemen, our Prison Officers, our Media personnel who keep us informed, our Social Services staff, Meals on Wheels team, the Carers who look after the elderly, the hospital staff who ensure that the doctors and nurses work in a clean and safe environment – our orderlies; our cooks and chefs who provide food during this lockdown for essential workers and the elderly, our Ministers of Religion who pray for our safety daily – there is a depth of gratitude that cannot be sufficiently expressed, as we continue to grapple with the effects of COVID-19.
“Rest assured that COVID-19 will one day subside, and the efforts our essential workers have put forward to secure our safety is one that we as a country should always seek to celebrate and give our utmost respect towards.
“May God see us all safely through this COVID-19 crisis, and may God bless this beautiful land, Montserrat.
“Thank you all for your service.”