Take the COVID-19 ICT Challenge and Win $300

It’s Girls in ICT Day and the Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy used the occasion to launch a new competition.

The COVID-19 ICT Edition is the brainchild of ICT Coordinator Loni Howe. As young people are at home and are spending even more time with technology she felt it was a good time to get them involved in creating content which could be useful and entertaining to others.

There are three categories for the challenge are:

  1. 7-12 years – Create and edit a video individually or in collaboration with friends, describing how technology is keeping friendships alive during the COVID era.
  2. 13 – 17 years – Create a video on TikTok using the theme “My life in the COVID era.” Videos can be comedy, serious dialogue or dance.
  3. 18+ years – Create and edit a video preparing a dish of your choice. (No more than three minutes.)

The competition is open to female and males.

Submissions are due by May 4, 2020 to the ministry’s Facebook page. The videos with the most likes in each category will win a $300 gift certificate.