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Montserrat’s Victor Lewis Launches Caribbean One TV Entertainment App

The latest initiative from manager and music media mogul Victor Lewis should not come as a surprise as it has been years in the making.
Lewis this week dropped links to his company’s new app which allows us to view original Caribbean content from where ever we are in the world.
Caribbean One TV offers feature films from some of the region’s most prolific filmmakers, television series for the family and live concerts.
You can search the app with keywords to find content from the island or artist you are interested in. Lewis’ goal is to bring even more current and cross-cultural content to the platform which shows the richness and diversity of the Caribbean.
A promo for Montserrat is featured as well as a Cinephou production recap of the 2020 ChuchGut Entertainment’s SoundClash which was part of St. Patrick’s Festival in March.
The Caribbean One TV App has unique content from 26 islands in the region and is free to download in the AppStore and on Google Play. Whether you are into Caribbean classics, cooking shows, reality TV, travel or children’s content, there is something for you.

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