Men Working sign at Road Works in Forgarthy
Road Works in Forgarthy (DiscoverMNI Photo)

Government of Montserrat Capital Projects Resume

Road Works in Forgarthy
Road Works in Forgarthy (DiscoverMNI Photo)

Several major capital projects for the island have resumed as the Government of Montserrat continues to reduce the restrictions on internal operations.

Minister with responsibility for Communications & Works, Dr. Samuel Joseph, during Tuesday’s sitting of the Legislative Assembly provided an update on the projects under the capital programme, which are funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) among others, that have resumed or will do so shortly.

The Fibre Optic Ducting project led by the Office of the Premier which involves laying of pipes from Bunkum Bay to Brades resumed two weeks ago. The fibre optic cable is to be laid in June and the minister said the project remains on schedule despite the recent shutdown.

The BNTF Cavalla Hill Road Project is also in progress.
“The Airport Runaway Resurfacing Project – consultancy phase continued throughout the lockdown and as a result the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for construction phase was completed and posted with return date scheduled for the
3 June 2020, the minister stated. The construction phase is scheduled to start in early November at the end of the hurricane season. The lead time (prior to actual start) has been allocated to the mobilization of plant and materials.

Solar panels on roof of GOM buildings in Brades. (Salt Energy Photo)

“The 750 kW Solar Project consultancy continued throughout the lockdown period. The review of 90% design work is on-going with an expected completion by mid-June. Once the COVID-19 pandemic situation allows, the excavation works on the southern embankment of airport is scheduled to begin by mid-June, followed by the construction of the housing for the converters in mid-July.
“The Public Streetlight Project has met the EU’s Key Project Indicator (KPI) with the installation of the first 462 streetlights. Montserrat Utilities Ltd. will continue with the installation of the remaining 700+ lights once we have gone pass the lockdown phase.
“Under the A01 Road Project, the tender document for the hot mix plant is completed and is being prepared to go online during the course of this week. Design works for the Road Project continues.
“The consultancy works on the Port Project continued throughout the lockdown. The pre-qualification of contractors is on-going with the evaluation process completed and awaiting final approval. The tender document is being finalized and is scheduled to be advertised by the end of May,” the minister told Parliament.
The following project will resume once conditions are right:
The installation of the panels under the Solar Project phase (2) 750 kW is scheduled to commence at the end of July into August. This is dependent on the opening of borders as this phase of the project would require external technical support by the contractor.

Under the PWD 20/21 Maintenance Programme the following projects have resumed already:

  • The New Windward Culvert Repairs
  • The St. Peter’s Access Road.

The following works will also be recommencing shortly:

  • ​The St. John’s Access Road
  • Drainage works in Brades
  • The Nixon’;s Access Road
  • The Dick Hill Access Road
  • Repairs to the PWD workshop security booth and offices

Several other works to include verge maintenance, road and drainage improvement are also being rolled out under the PWD 20/21 maintenance programme.