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Enjoy a Spa Day On Montserrat

This year will go into the record books as one with many stresses and challenges. We can all use a little TLC right about now and thankfully we don’t have to go far to get some. In fact, TLC can come right to you if you choose or you can escape to a specially designed space for some body and beauty treatments.

Here are four places on Montserrat where you can book either an in-home spa treatment or a spa getaway.

100% Organic Feminine Care Product Line
Now available at Blyss Day Spa

Blyss Day Spa by Lauretta Daley is hidden away in Drummonds and it is worth the trip for the view and the tranquility you will have. As the oldest spa on island, Lauretta provides a wide range of services including facials, body care treatments and massage therapy. She has also recently added an organic line of feminine care products.

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Call 664-495-2924 for appointments.

Emerald Serenity Body ScrubsEmerald Serenity Spa by Jinell Layne is hidden away in Brades. Be sure to book in advance so she can prepare for your arrival. Also ask for her new body scrubs and polishes created just for you.

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Call 664-496-9102 to book an appointment.

Oasis Spa by Monique is located at Emerald Isle Real Estate Office in Runaway Ghaut.

Services available include waxing, facials and massages. Contact her via WhatsApp at 664-495-4386 to book an appointment.Oasis Spa

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SAJE by Sharnique is the new kid on the block but she is a certified massage and physical therapist. Her mobile therapy services include Swedish Massage, Hot Stones, Body Mobilization Techniques and Reflexology.

Message her on Instagram to book a treatment at SAJE Caribbean.

We hope you take the time to look out for yourself and care for your body, mind and spirit.