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Enter the Discover Lounge This Saturday at the Vue Pointe Hotel

Discover Montserrat is pleased to invite you to the Discover Lounge.

“This is a new experience we are creating with community partners to provide entertainment and introduce you to some of Montserrat’s finest talent,” said Discover Montserrat Founder, Nerissa Golden. “The events will happen periodically as we discover talent who believe fits the format we want to achieve. The goal is to produce the performances for later airing on radio and online.”

The first event will be held this Saturday, August 29, 2020 at the Vue Pointe Hotel in Old Towne from 6PM.

Performing will be Pulse featuring Nia Golden, along with guest artists Samantha Sam and up and coming rapper Vybze It.

“We are very appreciative of the artists and the partners who are coming together to make this happen.” Sponsors include the Vue Pointe Hotel, ITech, and Hypnotik Montserrat.

The show will be recorded and so audience members should be aware of this. Reservations to have drinks or dinner in the restaurant are required to allow the staff to accommodate everyone, based on COVID-19 protocols.