Interact Club wins Rotaract Club of Montserrat’s Sports Day

Balloon Toss
Wheelbarrow Race

On Saturday, September 5th, the Interact Club won the Rotaract Club of Montserrat’s first Sports Day. The event was held at the Little Bay Playing Field with teams participating from the Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services (DCYSS), a combined team of Headquarters and Ministry of Health (Headquarters Unstoppables) and the Rotaract Club.

The aim of this event was to build comradery and sportsmanship within the community and to a greater extent to fill the void of the absence of the annual lnter-School Sports day cancellation, due to Covid-19 that fostered these positive attributes.

Drinking Competition

According to the Government of Montserrat’s Ministry of Health & Social Services, as of 2010, 16% of school children from nursery level to secondary level in Montserrat were reported to be either overweight or obese. By 2019, this figure increased to 28% and was projected to be higher by the year 2030. As a result of this we wanted to encourage an active lifestyle via sports, and assist in reducing childhood obesity especially here in Montserrat.

The day included events such as a bun eating competition, wheelbarrow race, a diaper derby and classic races like the 100 and 200m race and relays.

Participating Teams: Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services (DCYSS) Headquarters Unstoppables, Rotaract Club and Interact Club of Montserrat.

Interact Club won with 69 points, DCYSS came second with 60 points and the Rotaract Club came third place with 55 points. Headquarters Unstoppables ended the day with 41 points.

From (L to R) Interact Club and Bank of Montserrat Representative and Rotarian Kerri Matthew

The Rotaract Club would like to thank all the teams for being a part of the Sports Day. We would also like to thank Bank of Montserrat Ltd. for sponsoring the trophies, QRG Auto Services, John Osborne, Interact Club of Montserrat and friends, Rotaract Club of Montserrat and friends, Rotary Club of Montserrat and friends, DCYSS, Trevor Howe, Headquarters Unstoppables, MoH Dominators, Montserrat Cricket Association, Jeff Layne, Cordella Yearwood, Javier Adams, Stephen Elwin, Marcilla Frith, Nicole Duberry, Roosevelt Jemmotte and anyone who helped out in any way.

The Rotaract Club of Montserrat is a service organization that was founded on island in 1985 and is a part of Rotary International. Members are young professionals from age 18 who contribute their time and skills to initiatives to build the community of Montserrat.

For more photos and videos from this day check out their Instagram and Facebook pages at @rotaractmni.