More Public Input Needed on Proposed Modification of the PDP to Allow Sand Mining in Zone V

Sand is loaded on a barge.

An extension has been given by the Planning Development Authority for more public feedback on the proposed modification to the Physical Development Plan for North Montserrat 2012-2022’ as it relates to the zoning of lands in Upper Belham and Fort Ghaut in the Plymouth area to allow for sand mining.

The public now has until September 30 to share their views on the plans which would allow for local miners to extract sand from Zone V which is near Lover’s Lane in Plymouth.

Two activities have been added to allow for residents to understand the proposed plans and the implications for the island. They are a call in programme on MALHE Vibes on September 17 at 7:15PM and a Town Hall Meeting at the Montserrat Cultural Centre on September 24 at 5PM.

The Physical Planning Unit (PPU) within the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MALHE) is leading the process to collect more public input.

In keeping with Section 7 of the Physical Planning Act which guides the procedure for revision and modification of the Approved Development Plan, public consultation is required on this matter. This is to ensure that residents of the immediate and surrounding areas, stakeholders, and all interested parties are:

(1) aware of the proposal, and
(2) allowed the opportunity to provide feedback on, and raise any related concerns or issues they may have.

The concerns of the public will be taken into consideration.

The PPU has published the information at the following:
– The Montserrat Public Library
– The Government of Montserrat website:
– Zjb Radio- Spirit of Montserrat and Government Information Unit Facebook pages
– Discover Montserrat Facebook page
– Physical Planning Unit website:

The documents can be downloaded at the following links:

7-3-20-Modification to the Approved Physical Development Plan Belham

7-2-20-Modification to the Approved Physical Development Plan 2012 – 2022 – Proposed Sand Mining in the Fort Ghaut (Draft for Discussion)

A further extension has been granted by the Planning and Development Authority.
All comments should be received by 30th September, 2020.   Email or

Stock piled sand.