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Montserrat to Get New Drivers Licensing System

The Traffic Division of the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy is pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of the implementation process for its modern Drivers Licensing System; following the successful launch of the software in July 2020.

According to a government release, the system was developed by local software firm Rovika Inc. under the ICT Project 2015, to enable online applications and to modernise Montserrat’s licensing system.

The Ministry explained that the system is being delivered in a modular (phase by phase) fashion with the vehicle licensing component expected on stream in the next few weeks.
“This will allow the Traffic Division to issue the much-anticipated customised license tags, which will allow motorists to personalise their license plates, amongst other improvements,” stated the MCWLE.

The regulations to allow for the customised licenses was approved in October 2019.

Once all modules of the system are implemented, motorists will have the option of renewing their driver’s licenses online; rather than having to visit the Traffic Division.

Commenting on the collaboration with the Ministry, Manish Valechha of Rovika Inc said, “Rovika Inc. would like to take the opportunity to thank the Government of Montserrat for its willingness to work with local talent to develop solutions to move our country forward. We also look forward to the successful rollout of the online aspect, which will allow users to apply and renew their driver licenses online.”

In recent months, the Traffic Division was unable to issue physical driver’s licenses due to the transition process from the old to the new system, which was further compounded by the impact of COVID-19.

“A breakdown of hardware associated with the old system late last year meant that motorist renewing their licenses were unable to receive a License Card for several months. Rather than investing in the old system, we worked along with Rovika to bring the new system into production. The island efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic took us well beyond the time we had expected to be up and running. As soon as was practical, Rovika set out to work; setting up the new equipment, training staff and making last minute programme adjustments based on user feedback in time for our July launch,” explained the Ministry.

The Ministry has resumed the issuing of physical driver’s license cards; which also includes clearing up the backlog which would have accumulated over the past few months.

The Ministry said it is very happy to partner with local developers to build systems for Montserrat, which can then be marketed externally.