Statistics Department Montserrat Observes World Statistics Day

Statistics Department Montserrat (SDM) on Tuesday released the first in a series of video testimonials highlighting the impact of data in every day life.

“Though we recognize Caribbean Statistics Day (October 15th) annually, every five years for World Statistics Day we make the extra effort to stay abreast and a part of the Global conversation by bringing awareness to the endless types of data and uses,” said Siobhan Tuitt, Chief Statistician at the SDM.

Positive Impact
“Some nations have benefited heavily from data sharing, within and beyond our region. It is through the PRASC initiative and the hands-on/direct assistance of Statistics Canada that the Statistics Department Montserrat is able to finally unveil the second phase in the official website implementation/action plan, inclusive of the official department Facebook launch,” a release from the department noted.

“The Statistics Department Montserrat has taken advantage of some of the many opportunities granted by regional and international agencies ..,” said Alphege Browne, a SDM Statistician. “Their willingness to assist is motivated by the hard work and dedication of our team inclusive of our countrymen and women.”
For World Statistics Day 2020, the department officially launched their Facebook page with a series of quizzes. Additionally, SDM has updated various areas/sectors/categories of data which is available for immediately download at Including newly implemented tools, such as REDATAM (Retrieval of data for small areas by microcomputer) This is a virtual dashboard which allows users to create their own visual representations of data provided for public consumption. Such as graphs, maps, and tables, with the option to export/download in the selected digital format. Additionally, The Environmental Compendium and Three-year Annual Compendium are also available for download. The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) portal allows data users to explore the latest developments and indicators for the United Nations 2030 Agenda.
SDM Head Sylvan Roberts said “Acknowledging the fact that accurate and timely official statistics are indispensable to genuine development, the Statistics Department of Montserrat actively engages directly, in the production of key statistics and indicators on the Economy, Population dynamics and changes in the Environment and works collaboratively with national partners including the departments of Health and Education. Some of these major data sets include Merchandise Trade, Prices, the Labour Force and the Gross Domestic Product, as well as Health and Education databases.”