Typhoon Express

Regular Cargo Shipping to Resume Thursday, October 29

Typhoon Express

The Access Division announced changes to the cargo services provided by the Typhoon Express.

There will be no operations on Thursday, October 22nd 2020. Regular operations will resume next week Thursday, October 29th, 2020.
Please be reminded that regular cargo operations are scheduled for each Thursday. The Access Division apologizes for any inconvenience this change in service may have caused.
Customers are therefore advised to reassess their cargo arrangements considering the upcoming change regarding sea access.

Agent Details:


D & J Forwarders
Telephone number (268)-779-0910 or
(268) 726-9133
Email: dore.dave@gmail.com
D & J also offer brokerage and pick up services


Better Services Ltd.
Telephone number: (664)-491-7438
Email: betterservices5@hotmail.com