COVID-19 Tests to Cost $300 on Montserrat

The Ministry of Health and Social Services today announced that effective November 1, 2020; a $300 administrative fee will be introduced for COVID – 19 testing.
According to a media release, the fee must be paid at point-of-sampling and will apply to all individuals with the following exemptions:
1. Persons travelling overseas on official government business
2. Students undertaking a programme of study at an overseas educational institution
3. Persons under investigation by the Ministry of Health for COVID -19
4. Close contacts of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19
5. Patients referred overseas for medical treatment.

To be eligible for a waiver of the fee persons must present proof of exemption by way of a letter from the Head of Department outlining official travel abroad, a letter from the medical doctor issuing the medical referral or proof of enrollment in an overseas educational institution.

Individuals travelling to or returning from vacation and those accommodating friends or family in quarantine will not be eligible for exemption.

The fee will go towards mitigating costs associated with COVID-19 testing.