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Montserrat Updates COVID-19 Entry Regulations, Quarantine Facilities Introduced

The Government of Montserrat has introduced regulations which will allow for the designation of quarantine facilities, and has also expanded the categories of persons allowed to enter Montserrat.
As of 5:00a.m. Monday November 2nd, the Public Health (COVID19 Suppression) (No.6) Order S.R.O. 80 of 2020 took effect with the aforementioned regulations, as the main changes.
Under this Order, the Minister of Health has the authority to designate, in writing, any premises to be a quarantine facility or place of isolation. Individuals who intend to self-quarantine in a designated quarantine facility must make arrangements with the owner of the designated quarantine facility to self-quarantine there. These arrangements must be made prior to entering Montserrat. Additionally, individuals who are staying at the quarantine facility will be responsible for paying the cost to the owner of that facility.
The following establishments have been confirmed as quarantine facilities, following discussions and site visits by the Ministry of Health:

  1. Grand View Bed and Breakfast in Baker Hill – 1 (664) 491-2284
  2. Gingerbread Hill – Virgin Island, St. Peter’s; email: ; Phone (USA): 1: 813-774-5270 and (MNI): 1-664-491-5812

The Ministry of Health is conducting discussions with other establishments, and as such the list of quarantine facilities will be further updated.

While staying at the designated quarantine facility, individuals must comply with any rules and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.
After five days in the designated quarantine facility, individuals must pay the prescribed fee for the PCR COVID-19 test and undergo a PCR COVID19 Test. Team members from the Ministry of Health will visit the quarantine location and collect the sample for testing.

The results will be communicated the following day.

Once the PCR Test indicates that the individual is not infected with COVID-19, he or she will be allowed to leave the facility. However, if an individual plans to leave the island under the five day period, he or she will be allowed to leave the designated quarantine facility for the purpose of exiting the island.

Individuals who decide to self-quarantine at home or at their place of occupancy, will be required to quarantine there for 14 days. If such an individual plans to leave the island under this 14-day period, he or she will be allowed to leave his home or place of occupancy in order to exit the island.

Nevertheless, the SRO states that a person is not required to remain at home or his place of occupancy or at a designated quarantine facility or place of isolation if the Chief Medical Officer otherwise directs.

As it relates to the categories of persons allowed to enter Montserrat, the list now includes, a professional person who has been engaged by an entity in the public or private sector.

Previously, this category only made provisions for professional persons engaged by the Government of Montserrat (public sector). In any case, the individual is required to obtain permission from the Minister of Health prior to travelling to Montserrat.

The other newly added categories of persons, allowed to enter Montserrat are as follows:
• A person who intends to rent unoccupied premises for more than two months. A copy of the rental agreement must be submitted to the Chief Immigration Officer, three days prior to entering Montserrat.

• An attorney-at-law, judge or other officer of the Court, who intends to come to Montserrat for the purpose of appearing in or presiding over Court proceedings; and
• A person who has been granted a remote employment stamp.

All other categories of persons previously allowed to enter Montserrat, remain in place.
The quarantine regulations do not apply to a person a member of the crew of an aircraft or ship; a non–resident technician who has been granted permission to enter Montserrat prior to travelling to Montserrat; and a person who has been granted permission by the Minister to enter Montserrat for the purpose of aiding with preparations for a disaster or after a disaster.

A negative PCR COVID-19 Test and pre-travel registration are still required prior to entering Montserrat. The owner of a vessel or aircraft who transports a person to Montserrat who is not in possession of a hard copy of a negative PCR COVID-19 test commits an offence.

S.R.O. 80 of 2020 also makes provisions for a person to host an event at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. However, the person hosting/organising the event must ensure that the following is done:

  1. Temperature checks are conducted on persons entering the Montserrat Cultural Centre;
  2. Persons wear face coverings;
  3. Members of the same household sit or stand together (as far a reasonably possible);
  4. Persons who are not members of the same household sit or stand three feet apart;
  5. A person is assigned to sanitise the washroom or toilet after every use; and
  6. Distance markers are placed to designate seating arrangements.

The maximum number of persons allowed to gather remains at 50, with the following exceptions:
a) at a customs airport and a customs port if the purpose of the large gathering is for the embarkation or disembarkation of passengers;
b) at a sitting of the High Court;
c) at a school that is granted permission to open under paragraph 24;
d) at a funeral service;
e) at a church service; or
f) at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.
As far as reasonably possible a person at a gathering shall maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from another person.
All other regulations in the previous Order remain in place.

S.RO. 80 of 2020 expires on January 11, 2021 at 5:00a.m.

To view or download the S.R.O SRO-No-80-of-2020-Public-Health-COVID-19-Suppression-No.6-Order

Source: Government Information Unit