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Montserrat Customs Announces Christmas Barrel Programme

The Government of Montserrat has approved a charge of EC$50.00 for the customs duties and consumption tax on barrels arriving on the island from November 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

The decision, which was made by Cabinet, applies to barrels imported at Port Little Bay, or any customs port during the specified time. The maximum number of barrels which can benefit from this programme is, two barrels for each household.

However, barrels that contain a commercial item, an item for resale, a car part, an electrical item, an electronic or more than 40 ounces of alcohol will not qualify for this rate of customs duties and consumption tax.

To benefit from this alteration of customs duties and consumption tax on barrels, interested persons must apply by completing the ‘APPLICATION FOR ALTERED RATE OF CUSTOMS DUTIES AND CONSUMPTION TAX ON BARREL(S) IMPORTED BETWEEN 15th November, 2020 and 31st January, 2021’ form, with the Customs and Excise Division, Montserrat Customs & Revenue Services.

S.R.O 83 of 2020 on the Christmas Barrel Exemption is available at the following link: