Read Across Montserrat and Book Parade Coming for Literacy Week

The Ministry of Education has released its programme for Literacy Week, scheduled to begin on Monday, November 16. However, this year’s activities have been curtailed and reorganized in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.
Recorded stories will be aired from November 16 and continue throughout the week on ZJB Radio Montserrat.
Two students from Look Out Primary School will read to Look Out Nursery School students and two from Brades Primary School will read to students at the Brades Nursery School.
On November 17th, grade one students will visit the Public Library.

Notable members of the community will participate in the “Reading Across Montserrat Bus Tour” on Wednesday. These are Premier Joseph Farrell, Deputy Premier Dr. Samuel Joseph, Parliamentary Secretary Veronica Dorsette-Hector, Dr. Georgette Skerritt, Sir Howard Fergus, Cedricia Shiell, Claude Browne, Mary Blake, former premier and Opposition member Donaldson Romeo, Hyacinth Bramble-Browne, Minister of Education Charles Kirnon, Zelma White (SA), Opposition Leader Paul Lewis, Director of Education Dr. Gregory Julius, Permanent Secretary of Education Lyston Skerritt,  Althea Allen, Inez Thompson, and Adrian Galloway.

The book parade will be held on Thursday, November 19 from Piper’s Pond to the Basketball Complex starting 9:30AM. On the Friday, Minister of Education Charles Kirnon will read to residents of Margetson Memorial Home and education officers will visit with residents in the Golden Years Home for the elderly.

Literacy Week coincides with the Alliouagana Festival of the Word, which will be virtual this year from Friday, November 20 to Sunday November 22 at and