Five Properties Now Authorised Quarantine Facilities for Montserrat

The Ministry of Health is today announced an additional three properties which are now official Quarantine Facilities on Montserrat.
A total of five facilities have been listed as Government of Montserrat approved facilities.
They are:
1. Grand View Bed and Breakfast – Baker Hill
2. Gingerbread Hill – Virgin Island, St. Peter’s
3. Vue Pointe Hotel – Old Towne
4. Tropical Mansion Suites – Sweeney’s
5. Chez Mango Villa – Olveston

According to a government statement, persons from the ‘allowed to enter category’ who intend to travel to Montserrat have the option of staying at one of these quarantine facilities. Arrangements must be made with the
facility of your choice prior to entering Montserrat.  Additionally, individuals who are staying at a quarantine facility will be responsible for paying the cost to the owner of that facility.

While staying at the designated quarantine facility, individuals must comply with any rules and guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

After five days in the designated quarantine facility, individuals must pay the prescribed fee for the PCR COVID-19 test and undergo a PCR COVID19 Test.  Team members from the Ministry of Health will visit the quarantine location and collect the sample for testing.  The results will be communicated the following day.

Once the PCR Test indicates that the individual is not infected with COVID-19, he or she will be allowed to leave the facility.  However, if an individual plans to leave the island under the five day period, he or she will be allowed to leave the designated quarantine facility for the purpose of exiting the island.

Individuals who decide to self-quarantine at home or at their place of occupancy, will be required to quarantine there for 14 days. If such an individual plans to leave the island under this 14-day period, he or she will be allowed to leave his home or place of occupancy in order to exit the island.

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5 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    If I come to the island and stay alone in my house, can I then after five days pay for a Covid test and if negative be free from the quarantine early?
    It seems a lot safer than say people arriving at a quarantine facility. Say December 1,3,5,7,9, 11 and after spending time together at the swimming pool etc and whoever arrived on Dec 5 tests positive on Dec 11. Now how do you track down the people who already checked out on Dec 6,8,10 who may now be infected and spreading it around the island.
    Which sounds safer too you?

  2. Visitor says:

    Calling a privately owned and operated hotel or guesthouse a Quarantine Facility doesn’t sound quite right to me. To my mind a quarantine facility must be a facility that is managed and operated by officials and staff from the Ministry of Health.
    What differentiates a bed and breakfast style operation like Gingerbread Hill from a private home.

    Also, shouldn’t persons who quarantine at home have access to the test after 5 days as well? Why the differentiation?

  3. Visitor says:

    Wow! Has the size of Montserrat increased? Are there hundreds of people arriving weekly? Those answers are a load of crap to put it mildly. If you can collect samples from Tropical Mansion and drive to Vue Pointe to collect samples, then you can collect from all stops in between. Unlikely to be more than 10 people per day, given how few people come in on a daily basis. You guys accept too many weak answers. Also explain to me how piling a bunch of strangers together in a hotel is considered safe.

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