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Learn How to Unlock the Power of Your Smartphone During ICT Week with Nerissa Golden

This Wednesday and Thursday November 25 and 26, 2020, author and business coach Nerissa Golden wants to teach how you to use your smartphone for maximum results.

The workshop is part of the Ministry of Communications, Works, Labour and Energy’s annual ICT Week. It will run for 90 minutes on both days and is specifically targeted at business professionals and older people who want to get more from their phones.

“Many people love having the latest smartphones but not many of us use it for more than the basics, calls, surfing the web or watching videos. It can do so much more and when you are investing thousands in a phone, it would be wonderful if it can become a money making machine as well,” explained Golden.

Golden is the editor of Discover Montserrat and an advocate for using technology to enhance life both socially and economically.

The workshop will offer information on how to use most of the basic applications which come on smartphones as well as those which can be added to improve efficiency with money management, health and wellness, building a brand and becoming a social media influencer.

“The workshop is free,” says ICT Unit Coordinator Loni Howe. Interested parties should register by Wednesday Nov 25 for the two sessions as soon as possible by calling 491-2521 or email