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Basil Chambers by Marvin Meade
Basil Chambers - Marvin Meade Photography

Bas & Friends Raffling $16,000 to Aid Montserrat Small Businesses

Generous residents and lovers of Montserrat overseas have been stepping up to assist local businesses who are under pressure from the lockdown which heads into a third week, this Sunday.

Basil Chambers, host of the popular Breakfast Show on ZJB Radio has enlisted his friends both local and abroad to offer some financial encouragement for businesses.

Chambers said that starting Monday, February 22, 2021 anyone with a small business can enter the raffle, which will give each successful business $1000 cash.

To enter, write your name, telephone number and name of business on a piece of paper and place it in an envelope with no identifying/branded markings. On the outside write Uncle Bas – The Breakfast Show and leave it at ZJB Radio’s office in Davy Hill.

Next Friday, February 26, 16 lucky businesses will receive $1000 each.

Chambers told Discover that everyone is crying out and the goodwill gesture began with $3000 and it has now climbed to $16,000.