Basil Chambers by Marvin Meade
Basil Chambers - Marvin Meade Photography

25 Receive $1000 Cash in Bas and Friends’ Small Business Initiative

On Friday morning, 25 small businesses received EC$1000 in cash from an initiative to encourage the island during the lockdown.

ZJB Radio morning show host Basil Chambers said the idea was to help three small businesses and it blossomed to 25 as more and more people came on board to make a contribution.

Chambers added that this was a continuation on his ongoing efforts to use his platform to promote local causes. Over the years he has raised more than $15,000 for Meals & Wheels and annually he and friends sponsor a Children’s Christmas party.

More than 100 envelopes from various small businesses were entered into the raffle. The radio host of the Breakfast Show said the need on island was great and this was a small way that he and his network could support.

“So many people wanted to be a part of this but we couldn’t help everyone,” Chambers said.

He expressed appreciation to the generous donors: Two Anonymous, Dr. Ronny Cooper, Sherylene Dyer, Ainsworth Family, Steve Harris, Bank of Montserrat Ltd., Quinton Lee, Victor’s Supermarket, Hyacinth Edwards-Weekes, Agnes Hazel-Brazille, Tom Walker, MNI Arsenal Group, Friends of PDM, and Kristin Breuer.

All of the recipients were invited to visit the radio station soonest to receive their cash awards.

The lucky recipients are: Tora Cabey – Alliouagana Express, Toni James of Weekend Takeout, Natasha Walters – Emerald Travel Services, Shadd Antoine – Spotless Carwash, Adrian Edgecombe – Live Island Events, Trishaun’s Jewelry, Rosemie – Salem Pizza Palace, Bessie’s Kitchenette, Zara Lee – Bits N Pieces – Time Out Restaurant & Bar – Aunt Madge Day Care – Hickson Lawn & Garden Services – Squakie’s Garage, Wilbert Lawrence – L&Y Taxi and Tours, Wendell Daley – Pinkie’s Bus & Taxi Service, Bernadette Duberry – Emerald Beauty Salon, Donna Buffonge – DJ’s Variety, Ruthlyn Tuitt – Sips and Bites, Juliana Meade – Julie’s Enterprises, Annie’s Kitchen – Solomon Samuel – Samuel’s Poultry Farm, Monique – Oasis Spa, Taz Takeaway & Catering, Dawn Davis – DDs Bar, Brian Roach – Kingsale Limited.

Chambers revealed that his next campaign will target support for the 41 local nurses who he wants to help put a smile on their face.