Montserrat Records Three COVID-19 Recoveries

Montserrat now has four active COVID-19 cases after three others have recovered, says the Ministry of Health and Social Services

According to release from the ministry, the three individuals were cleared for COVID19 following two consecutive negative PCR COVID-19 test results. The MoHSS explained that it’s testing protocol requires individuals to receive 2 consecutive negative COVID-19 test results before they can be considered to have recovered from COVID-19. “After the first negative COVID-19 test result is received,
the individual will be retested (48 – 72 hours) from the date of the first negative test”, explained Director of Primary Healthcare, Dr. Dorothea Hazel-Blake.

Following their negative test results, the three recovered individuals are no longer required to remain in quarantine. The four remaining active cases are still in home-isolation and are doing well.

The Ministry of Health continues to encourage members of the public to practice good hygiene, social distancing and wearing of face coverings. Residents are also urged to register for the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which is available locally. As of March 2nd , 765 persons have received the first dose of the vaccine, and 930 persons have registered.

To register for vaccination, contact the Health Centre of your choice: St. John’s: 491-5218, Cudjoe Head 491-5258, St. Peter’s: 491-5436 or Salem: 491-5256 or register online: